2013. július 15., hétfő

Popiela et al. (2013) Acta Botanica Croatica

Popiela A., Lysko A., Molnár V. A. (2013): Recent distribution of the Euro-Siberian-sub-Mediterranean species Elatine alsinastrum L. (Elatinaceae). – Acta Botanica Croatica 72(2) DOI: 10.2478/v10184-012-0022-8

The general distribution of the endangered Euro-Siberian sub-Mediterranean species Elatine alsinastrum L. is provided using literature, web-sources and herbaria dataset. The distribution pattern shows some regularities: occurrence of locations along river valleys, formation of concentrated site clusters in some lowlands, wide distances between locations or site clusters or single locations between their clusters. The distribution patterns in central Europe seem to be rather well related to the history of the human migration in Europe at least since the Late Holocene. The scattered locations on the eastern part of the distribution area are likely to be a consequence of missing information, rather than to the fragmentation of its distribution.

Elatine alsinastrum, ephemerophyte, distribution