2012. szeptember 19., szerda

Bereczki et al. (2012) Aquatic Insects

Csaba Bereczki, Ildikó Szivák, Arnold Móra, Zoltán Csabai (2012): Variation of aquatic insect assemblages among seasons and microhabitats in Hungarian second-order streams. Aquatic Insects 34 (sup1): 103-112. DOI:10.1080/01650424.2012.643032

The assemblages of aquatic insects are important members of water ecosystems. Based on former studies among the most important factors structuring the assemblages are numerous abiotic ones, such as the sort and the particle size of the substratum. Most of the sampling protocols, e.g. AQEM, determine microhabitats based on those. Nevertheless, we have no information yet about whether or not these different, precisely determined microhabitats have different assemblages. In this study we compared the aquatic insect assemblages of different microhabitat types in three seasons using ADONIS and linear discriminant analyses. We proved that seasonal changes of abiotic factors had a major role in structuring the assemblages. In spring and summer the assemblages differed significantly, however, in autumn no significant differences were found. We supposed that the variation among the assemblages was due to the abundance patterns of frequent species instead of the presence of rare or sparse species. The indicator species analyses also corroborated this suppososition while symmetrical indicator species were not found.

microhabitat, seasonality, aquatic insects, linear discriminant analysis, ADONIS, indicator species

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