2012. szeptember 19., szerda

Molnár V. & Sramkó (2012) Biologia

Attila Molnár V. & Gábor Sramkó (2012): Epipactis albensis (Orchidaceae): a new species in the flora of Romania. Biologia 67(5): 883-888.

A small population of Epipactis albensis Nováková & Rydlo, a species previously unknown in the flora of Romania, was found in Gorge Turda (Cheile Turzii, county Cluj) in 2011. The occurrence is currently the easternmost known population of this strictly autogamous species originally described from the Czech Republic, and recently known only from five other Central-European countries. Morphological features, habitat preference, soil reaction, currently known distribution and biological characteristics of the plant are presented.

Epipactis albensis, autogamous species, distribution, floristics, mapping, Romania

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