2013. december 16., hétfő

Király et al. (2013) Preslia

Rubus balatonicus Borbás, belonging to ser. Micantes Sudre and a long-neglected apomictic species occurring in Hungary, is herein re-evaluated. This species is a nemophilous bramble occurring in the Transdanubian Mts (central Hungary) and has distinctive morphological features that clearly differ from those of related species. A list of localities and a distribution map are presented in addition to the designation of a lectotype and the description and first complete illustration of this species. As part of a general revision of Rubus ser. Micantes occurring in Hungary, the characteristics, distribution and ecology of three additional species (R. clusii Borbás, R. styriacus Halácsy and R. tabanimontanus Figert) of this series reported from Hungary are also assessed.

biogeography, distribution, ecology, Hungary, Rubus, ser. Micantes, taxonomy

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